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Using the Cognitive Conceptualization Diagram in Organizational Transformations

What I want to emphasize before digging deeper is the fact that in order to use tools and techniques from psychology, one must first understand oneself and sort oneself out. As Jordan B. Peterson says, set you house in perfect order before criticizing the world. This will probably require a lot of work and will take time, but it is a necessary precondition to successfully using these tools.

Some Useful Habits of a Leader. Part 3

The last part of our article on useful habits a leader can have. Enjoy.

Some Useful Habits of a Leader. Part 2

Time for the second part of our article on some of the useful habits that a leader should have. Check it out.

JUnit 5 – Assertions and Assumptions (Part 2)

The second part of our article on assertions and assumptions in JUnit 5. This time we are looking at assumptions.

Some Useful Habits of a Leader

A few months ago I facilitated a training session (tailored by myself) for team leads centered around “Useful Habits of a Leader.”. I believe that this theme could be of interest not only for team leads in IT companies but also for anyone with a leader-like approach in all facets of life.

JUnit 5 – Assertions and Assumptions. Part 1

Abstract: JUnit is a unit testing framework for the Java programming language. The JUnit 5 version has been redesigned to solve some particular problems of the previous versions. It comes with a new architecture, and with a lot of new features. Additionally to the ones presented in our previous article, we’ll discuss here in more detail assertions and, assumptions.

Most popular courses in 2018

Last year we looked at the most popular courses in 2017. This year we want to continue the tradition and let you know which were the most sought after courses in 2018 for our locations in Romania and Poland.

Luxoft Training is an IIBA Endorsed Education Provider

For over 10 years Luxoft Training has been offering professionals the tools and opportunities to maximize their performance as business analysts or to start a career in this field.

Remember the ignorance

I recently had a very interesting conversation with Steve Porter from We discussed a Scrum team where developers are not pulling their work themselves. Instead, it’s a senior developer who, during the Daily Scrum, selects which Product Backlog items will be worked on that day and who will work on them.

Marcus Aurelius on how to implement Scrum

I teach participants what Agile values and principles are, what Scrum is and what it is not, about the Growth mindset, team-based organizations, collaboration, frequent customer feedback and customer value maximization. I usually get the same reaction related to Agile and Scrum, especially from people from big companies. Their concerns can be summarized as “it will never work here”:

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