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7 Principles of Testing - Part 2

In our first article we talked about the first and second principle of software testing - Testing shows presence of defects and exhaustive testing is impossible. We will now talk about principle three and four. 

7 Principles of Testing - Part 1

The 7 principles of testing have often been discussed, although rather briefly in most cases. The remarkable book by Dorothy Graham et al. explains these fundamental principles in great detail.

Bash Operators in Linux

Although Linux Distributions provide a Graphical User Interface just like any other operating system, the ability to control the system via the command line interface (CLI) has many benefits. A way to control how tasks are executed or how input and output is redirected, can be done using operators.

Instruments and financial markets

In order to understand the types of financial instruments and how they work it’s important to first of all understand the different types of financial markets out there. Some financial instruments can be traded on certain markets while others can be traded on more markets provided they are adapted to the specific requests of each one.

Top five programming errors in Java

Everyone makes errors. Even super-qualified experienced developers make errors. Sometimes it happens due to lack of attention or an unclear API. However, those mistakes are rare. Most common programming errors are evidence of insufficient knowledge or skills.

ErrorProne.NET. Part 1

I have been itching for a long time to make an analyzer which would help me catch different errors, specific in varying degrees to the .NET platform. Many of these errors are caught perfectly well by R#, but we always want to create our own stuff, right? Besides, Roslyn analyzers are seamlessly integrated into the build process, they can be used at night (*) and may contain rules specific to your product.

SOLID Design Principles at Bucharest Java User Group

Design principles play an important part in software development. When combined they make it easy for programmers to develop software that is easy to maintain and extend as well as allowing developers to avoid code smells and refactor the code more easily. Plus they are part of the agile or adaptive software development.

Contracts and Removed Code

As you probably know, the Code Contracts library uses the IL code rewriting to implement contract programming. This "architectural" solution, on the one hand, is quite logical because it allows you to use this library with any programming language of the .NET platform. But, on the other hand, it causes a lot of problems because ccrewrite has to “reverse engineer” the IL code into high-level constructs and rewrite it in a special way.

Review A Mind for Numbers by Barbara Oakley

DISCLAIMER: if you took the course Learning How to Learn on Coursera, the book will not be really new for you. On the other hand, if you took a course, then you know that space repetition is a very useful technique, which means the book can be useful even in this case.

How do you prepare an internal development program – part 1

Every company will always have operational challenges. They will always represent a priority because the purpose of every organization is to be profitable. However making a profit won’t always be easy. Internal or external constraints, the market or the level of resources it has at its disposal will always impact this objective. The question for people who are in support functions is how they can contribute to the profitability of the company?

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