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Using email in a virtual team

Historically, many virtual teams have relied on e-mail as one of the main channels for asynchronous communication. Although now there is a tendency to transition from e-mail to more high tech tools, it is, nevertheless, still very much used in day to day communication. According to leaders around 80% of the questions they receive are not urgent and can be addressed by e-mail. Another 15% can be solved with chat or instant messaging, and the remaining 5% are solved over the phone.

Working in different time zones

Nowadays a lot of software development teams are globally located which means that project managers have to learn to work with people who live in different countries and cities. Each country tends to have its own work calendars and holidays, cities can be located in different time zones and all this means a lot of challenges when it comes to coordinating a team.

ForEachAsync Idiom

Last time we looked at the idiom that allows you to process results in the order of task completion, not in the order of launching. But we skipped one interesting moment there. Let’s say we all have the same weather service and we want to obtain the results for every city as quickly as possible. Does this mean that we can take all the cities in the world and send thousands of requests at the same time? The forecast service may think that the client has gone mad and may try to throttle the requests that exceed a certain limit (by the way, this throttling is one big pain in the ass for all cloud services, both for the authors of the services and the customers).

Process Tasks by Completion Idiom

When working with tasks, there is often a problem: we have a set of input data and for processing each element we use a long-running operation.

Responsibility in Software Development Teams Part 2

In the first part of our article we talked about the most frequent allocations of responsibilities for project teams. But there are better strategies to improve responsibility.

Responsibility in Software Development Teams

In this article, we'll review some strategies for allocating responsibilities in large teams. Most Project Managers, in charge of developing a large application or system, have to coordinate several teams responsible for developing certain modules of the application. Therefore it is important to develop work flows that do no overlap in terms of functionality.

How to start a career in testing?

Testing as a profession is gaining popularity and becoming more desirable. More and more people are willing to retrain and become IT specialists, because this area is developing and the highly paid work of the tester seems to be the most accessible. Indeed, it is easier to retrain as a tester than, for example, as a programmer. But over the past ten years the "entry threshold" in the profession has grown significantly. Yet it is still feasible to do so without going through many years of training.

“Not Invented Here” Syndrome

A couple of years ago I made a short series of notes on the patterns of behavior: Technical Debt, Refactoring Syndrome and The Second-System Effect. The time has come to discuss another subject, probably the most famous and popular pattern of behavior: the Not Invented Here (NIH) syndrome.

Enterprise applications and their usability

Customers often believe that when it comes to enterprise applications, usability does not matter. They will still make their employees use the software, no matter how convenient and easy to understand it is.

A little trick when working with ConcurrentDictionary

ConcurentDictionary has one specific feature: in some cases it may not behave exactly as you'd expect. Here is a small example. Let's say we need to do some small caching so that the results of an expensive calculation be taken from the cache if they are there, and be added to the cache in a transparent manner if someone made a mistake.

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