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SAFe. Flow of Epics and Epic Owners

Now that we are no longer discussing about project management, multiannual planning, work breakdown-structures, fixed plans, fixed scope and so on, how are the big initiatives being pushed to implementation and who takes care of their lifecycle?

Serverless Computing – Interview with Eric Johnson

Check out our Luxoft Training video interview with Eric Johnson, Senior Developer and Serverless Advocate at Amazon.

SAFe. Value Streams and Budgeting

The second example relates to one of the “scariest” aspects of traditional Project Management, namely the budget. When using traditional project management (Waterfall), it is scary at the beginning because it is hard to define and get the initial approval.

Features of the Future: How Digitalization Influences the Social Sphere and Economics

Nobody would deny that the evolution of data processing computers and networks will lead and have already led to substantial changes in our society – in terms of social structure, art and science. 

SAFe. Vision and Strategy.

The first example taken into consideration is not an easy one to be acknowledged and understood. And it is even harder to be put in practice. Actually it might be the hardest and most complex situation an organization is facing.

JUnit 5 – new approach, new functionalities. Part 4

The last article in our series on JUnit 5 and its new functionalities. Hope you enjoyed the first three articles.

SAFe. The world's leading framework for scaling Agile

This article about Agile software development processes will start with a reference to probably the biggest problem left (as yet) unsolved for 21st century science. It will be appealing and entertaining maybe for the part of you who still think of themselves as being the class geek and for the rest, I’m hoping, it will be at least intriguing if not a bit far-fetched.

JUnit 5 – new approach, new functionalities. Part 3

Junit has more assertion type methods than Junit 4. Several have been added and they work very well together with the lambda expressions in Java 8. All these types of methods are static and come from the org.junit.jupiter.api.Assertions class.

JUnit 5 – new approach, new functionalities. Part 2

In the second part of our article on JUnit 5 – new approach, new functionalities we look at how to make the transition to JUunit 5. Happy reading.

JUnit 5 – new approach, new functionalities

Junit is a testing framework for the Java programming languages. The Junit 5 version has been redesigned to solve certain challenges of previous versions. It also offers a new architecture, which offers the possibility of creating a hierarchy of tests, with assertions and assumptions, with dynamic and parameterized tests.

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