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Tips for improving your skills when working in IT&C

IT professionals are constantly improving their skills, often through on-the-job training. As employees perform different functions, there will always be a need to extend their knowledge in one area or another.

Scaled Agile Framework – a short overview

Developed in 2011 SAFe was developed with the aim of helping software development teams improve the quality of their products while also bringing them to market faster.

Professional Standards in IT. Part 2

This is the second part of our article on the idea of professional standards in the IT industry.

Can a three-year old girl learn Kanban principles?

In this article I would like to share my modest success story, which I hope might be useful for some of my readers.

Professional Standards in IT

Whenever professional standards in the IT industry are brought up, the usual reaction is a counter question: How (and what for) can such a fast-changing industry be standardized? Should it be regulated at all? How can it work, especially if there’s still a shortage of IT professionals? This is strange, however, as there are a lot of people now trying to “program a web site” or “write a game.”

BDD as a programming technique - webinar recording

Check out our webinar recording where we talked about BDD as a programming technique.

Luxoft Training takes part in Bucharest Technology Week

Already on its fourth edition, Bucharest Technology Week is a one-week festival taking part across the city. It celebrates the power of technology and is dedicated to tech lovers of all ages, whether they are students, business professionals or entrepreneurs.

The Test Automation Pyramid

The test automation pyramid proposed by Mike Cohn can help you find the best approach to test automation.

Regular Management in an IT Team. Part 2

Let us continue our article on regular management as well as the comparison with a child cleaning his room.

When a Shadow covers Agile

In my previous posts I described how the Personal Shadow of a manager can inhibit an Agile transformation process in organizations (though I didn’t use the word “Shadow”). Here I would like to discuss the idea of the Shadow in organizational context and explore how it influences the outcomes of an Agile transformation process. In one of my next posts, I will also focus on the particular tools and techniques you can use to work with the Shadow and assimilate it.

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