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Using email in a virtual team

Historically, many virtual teams have relied on e-mail as one of the main channels for asynchronous communication. Although now there is a tendency to transition from e-mail to more high tech tools, it is, nevertheless, still very much used in day to day communication. According to leaders around 80% of the questions they receive are not urgent and can be addressed by e-mail. Another 15% can be solved with chat or instant messaging, and the remaining 5% are solved over the phone.

The most important aspects to consider when creating an Automation strategy and plan

You have just made your case to upper management regarding test automation and your proposal has been accepted. Surprisingly, they were excited about how your automation plan can move testing much faster. Or, upper management simply asked you to start automating testing, as they are convinced of its benefits. In either case, you now have a blank check and a deadline to meet.

Review A Mind for Numbers by Barbara Oakley

DISCLAIMER: if you took the course Learning How to Learn on Coursera, the book will not be really new for you. On the other hand, if you took a course, then you know that space repetition is a very useful technique, which means the book can be useful even in this case.

Enterprise applications and their usability

Customers often believe that when it comes to enterprise applications, usability does not matter. They will still make their employees use the software, no matter how convenient and easy to understand it is.

Overview of C# 6.0

There have been a lot of articles written about the new features of C # but I also want to contribute with a few of my own which I believe are important.

Process Tasks by Completion Idiom

When working with tasks, there is often a problem: we have a set of input data and for processing each element we use a long-running operation.

Ideal code

We often here about the ideal (or perfect) code. However, what is a perfect code? Has anyone seen it? From my point of view an ideal code is a code that meets all the software and programming requirements and standards. It also involves the best development practices and techniques.

SOLID Design Principles at Bucharest Java User Group

Design principles play an important part in software development. When combined they make it easy for programmers to develop software that is easy to maintain and extend as well as allowing developers to avoid code smells and refactor the code more easily. Plus they are part of the agile or adaptive software development.

Requirements Lifecycle Management course certified by IIBA

As a result of our efforts our Requirements Lifecycle Management course has been certified by IIBA as meeting the standards of the latest version of the Body of Knowledge of Business Analysis v. 3.0.

Participants and "customers" in the testing process

In this article, letís consider who could be the potential stakeholders and consumers of testing services. To do that, we need to answer the following questions:

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