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[BI-002] Tableau Desktop Basics
This course is an introduction to the Tableau Business Intelligence (BI) platform. Training on Tableau Desktop Basics will help develop basic skills in data analysis and visualization for students with an initial level of analytical knowled

[BI-001] MS Power BI: Basics
This training covers some practical methods for creating and managing reports for business users by preparing data and visualizing information.

[JVA-031] Programming with Scala
The course covers all the content that is necessary to effectively use Scala: operators and data types, using basic data structures such as arrays, map, tuples, the use of object-oriented and functional approach.

[JVA-059] RabbitMQ for Developers
This course will teach Java developers to use RabbitMQ with different access technologies: command line interface, direct Java Client API for Java access, Spring for RabbitMQ, and Spring Cloud Stream RabbitMQ binder.

[ADM-019] Docker Fundamentals
This course covers essential information about Docker: installation, essential usage, image creation, swarm, services, and stack.

[ARC-001] Software Architecture Methodology
This course defines the foundations of software architecture, examines the role of a software architect in developing projects, and implements practices related to the design, documentation, and analysis of software architecture. Students

[FIN-038] Bank Lending
The course gives key features of the Bank Lending.

[FIN-042] Securities Clearing and Settlement
The course covers key elements of Securities Clearing and Settlement.

[FIN-005] Basics of Financial Markets. Fixed Income and Fixed Income Derivatives.
The training is aimed to provide trainees with basic theoretical knowledge and skills needed for project activities that require knowledge of subject area. Case studies are included in study materials.

[FIN-004] Basics of Financial Markets. Cash Equities and Equity Derivatives.
This course provides a deeper understanding of the stock market and its financial derivatives. The materials also contain practical examples.

[FIN-003] Basics of Financial Markets. Money Market and Interest Rate Derivatives
This training offers a deeper knowledge of the Money Market and its derivatives. Case studies are included in study materials.

[FIN-002] Basics of Financial Markets. Foreign Exchange and FX Derivatives
This training offers a deeper understanding of the Forex market and its derivatives.

[FIN-075] Credit Risk
The course gives a general understanding of credit risk, its types and possible ways of its management.

[FIN-074] Blockchain Technology in Financial Markets
The course describes the key features of blockchain technology in financial markets.

[FIN-073] Financial Technology
The course gives key features of FinTech.

[FIN-072] Cryptocurrencies
The course teaches key features of Cryptocurrencies.

[FIN-070] Investment Companies
The course provides key features of investment companies’ activities.

[FIN-054] Options Trading Strategies
The course covers key elements of Options Trading Strategies.

[FIN-053] Futures: Multi-leg transactions
The course covers key elements of multi-leg futures.

[FIN-049] Commodities and Commodity Derivatives
The course covers key features of commodities and commodity derivatives.

[FIN-045] Liquidity risk
The course helps the audience understand the major issues related to liquidity risk.

[FIN-037] Custodians
The course describes the key features of the custodians' services.

[FIN-036] Trade Lifecycle
The course gives key features of the Trade Lifecycle.

[FIN-034] Hedge Funds
The course gives a key features of hedge funds 

[FIN-027] Portfolio Management
The course gives a basic understanding of the asset and portfolio management process.

[FIN-017] Market Risk
The course gives a general understanding of market risk, its types, ways of management, and regulation.

[FIN-012] Introduction to CFA Program
The webinar is designed for someone who wants to deepen their knowledge in the Financial domain and, perhaps, heard and considers applying for the CFA Program but needs introductory information, which will help in conscious decision making.

[OFFICE-006] MS Word Module 1: Intermediate
This training covers the ability to create and manage documents; insert and format text, paragraphs, and sections; manage tables and lists; create and manage references; and insert / format graphic elements in MS Word.

[OFFICE-012] MS Excel: Tips and Tricks
This training covers useful features of MS Excel for day-by-day use, some unusual technics and special features that can be helpful when you work with Excel.

[OFFICE-011] MS Excel. Financial Functions
This training covers the ability to use financial functions in MS Excel. You will get basic knowledge about financial topics related to these functions, examine real-life situations highlighting when these functions are most useful, and com

[OFFICE-010] Microsoft Excel Advanced
This training covers the features of workbook management, how to prepare workbooks for collaboration, filling cells with data, conditional formatting and data validation, applying advanced formulas and data analysis, creating macros, and cr

[OFFICE-009] MS Excel. Module 1: Intermediate
This training covers the ability to create and manage workbooks and worksheets, modify / format cell content, summarize/organize data, present data in tables and charts, perform data operations by using functions and formulas, and insert /

[OFFICE-007] MS Word Module 2: Advanced
This training covers the ability to create custom document elements using advanced Word features.

[JVA-084] IntelliJ IDEA in Depth
During the course, the participants will acquire advanced knowledge and skills needed to develop programs effectively and efficiently using IntelliJ IDEA. The course covers four modules, analyzing in-depth details of features that help ac

[OFFICE-004] MS PowerPoint
This training covers the ability to create and manage presentations, insert and format shapes and slides, create slide content, apply transitions/animations, and manage multiple presentations.

[OFFICE-003] Statistics in MS Excel
The course gives a general understanding of using MS Excel in data analysis, hypothesis testing, and time-series analysis. This training is aimed at understanding main statistic methods, their step-by-step implementation, and the interpreta

[WEB-023] React Advanced
This training is aimed at experienced React Developers and focuses on the more advanced topics related to this programming language.

[SQA-051] Test Automation: BDD Testing with Cucumber
Courses on the fundamentals of Behavior-Driven Development (BDD), Gherkin, and Cucumber blend theoretical concepts with practical exercises. It provides an overview of BDD methodologies, teaches Gherkin syntax for clear test cases, and demo

[ADM-022] AWS IaaS/PaaS Introduction
This training covers the basic services of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud platform: IAM, EC2, S3, VPC, VPN, ELB, RDS, CloudWatch, CloudTrail. It will allow you to design and deploy projects in AWS.

[WEB-022] Angular Advanced
This course continues the basic Angular course and is intended for developers who already have experience of using this framework. It focuses on advanced themes, which will enable you to increase the efficiency of development and improve th

[DEV-001_C++] C++ Design Patterns
When developing software systems, developers make a lot of decisions, which at first glance, are unique. . But, much of what they "invent" is already practiced in a variety of projects. These are the design patterns. The trainings consider

[BI-004] MS Power BI: Basics of DAX
This training covers principles of using basic DAX functions in Power BI to visualize data effectively.

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