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[OFFICE-006] MS Word Module 1: Intermediate
This training covers the ability to create and manage documents; insert and format text, paragraphs, and sections; manage tables and lists; create and manage references; and insert / format graphic elements in MS Word.

[OFFICE-012] MS Excel: Tips and Tricks
This training covers useful features of MS Excel for day-by-day use, some unusual technics and special features that can be helpful when you work with Excel.

[OFFICE-011] MS Excel. Financial Functions
This training covers the ability to use financial functions in MS Excel. You will get basic knowledge about financial topics related to these functions, examine real-life situations highlighting when these functions are most useful, and com

[OFFICE-010] Microsoft Excel Advanced
This training covers the features of workbook management, how to prepare workbooks for collaboration, filling cells with data, conditional formatting and data validation, applying advanced formulas and data analysis, creating macros, and cr

[OFFICE-009] MS Excel. Module 1: Intermediate
This training covers the ability to create and manage workbooks and worksheets, modify / format cell content, summarize/organize data, present data in tables and charts, perform data operations by using functions and formulas, and insert /

[OFFICE-008] MS Outlook
This training covers features of MS Outlook that are necessary for managing application settings, creating and managing messages, appointments, meetings, contact records, and tasks as you would in a typical business environment.

[OFFICE-007] MS Word Module 2: Advanced
This training covers the ability to create custom document elements using advanced Word features.

[OFFICE-004] MS PowerPoint
This training covers the ability to create and manage presentations, insert and format shapes and slides, create slide content, apply transitions/animations, and manage multiple presentations.

[OFFICE-003] Statistics in MS Excel
The course gives a general understanding of using MS Excel in data analysis, hypothesis testing, and time-series analysis. This training is aimed at understanding main statistic methods, their step-by-step implementation, and the interpreta

[3340] Office tools

[SS-999] Working in virtual teams
Tips, strategies and solutions for working in virtual teams.

[OFFICE-002] MS Excel: Practical Course
Our training helps you understand the main MS Excel functions and how to use them.

[649] Taranov

[661] Sergii

[674] Chebotar

[681] Zielinska

[553] Bashakin

[565] Gedzberg

[583] Ryzhenko

[585] Pryimak

[589] Novik

[590] Nizamov

[645] Povolyashko

[756] Oancea

[740] Baran

[742] Dyka

[745] Mocioi

[374] How to Apply MBTI in HR: Motivation for every day. Groups of People & their Motivations
So, we learned to determine the parameters from which four motivation groups are formed: ES, EN, IS and IN. Let’s look now at the individual description of each of them.

[364] Non-working KPIs in IT: what they can cause and how to choose the right ones
In this article, we will learn why KPIs are important to tech companies. How to see which KPI work and which don’t. What problems they can cause, and how to develop the right performance metrics for your company.

[334] Reactive Programming in Java: How, Why, and Is It Worth Doing? Examples of Parallel and Asynchronous Approaches
The second part of our article series. This time we look at examples of parallel and asynchronous approaches.

[302] Growth Areas and Development Paths for Business Analysts
What qualities and abilities do business analysts need in order to be successful at their job and stay relevant in the future.

[256] Serverless Computing – Interview with Eric Johnson
Check out our Luxoft Training video interview with Eric Johnson, Senior Developer and Serverless Advocate at Amazon.

[209] Trust in the Team. How trust develops.
Let’s have a look at Tuckman's stages of group development and find out how trust should form within a team. What should a manager in order to go through this process faster and more efficiently?

[200] Remote Management. Trust
In our last article we talked about some of the common challenges that might appear when managing a distributed team. If you have a closer look at such situations and try to find something common about them, you will notice that they are al

[204] Remote Management. Work Schedule
Set up a work schedule for all locations. This advice may seem silly – everyone has an employment contract where working hours are stated. Why set up a work schedule?

[190] Tips and tricks for organizing in-house trainings
At Luxoft Training our team believes that in-house trainings should always bring value to the company and offer participants new knowledge and skills aimed at helping them solve the most critical business issues.

[173] Agile Life Planning: Defining Tasks to Achieve Goals Part 2
In the first part of our article we talked about goals and how to divide them based on whether we want an eventual outcome or a permanent result or effect. Now we will look at goal decomposition.

[161] Reflections on the Technology Career Matrix and Its Pitfalls
This article is a reflection on our technical career path and the way we gradually evolve, describing some mistakes we make when we move up in our career from a developer position to a technical or team leader role, and then further to a pr

[150] Common Mistakes that Entry-Level Testers Make - part 1
While teaching people who are just starting their way in QA, I now and then come across typical mistakes they make. In this article I would like to analyze some of them and give some advice how to avoid such common mistakes.

[135] Space, time and culture: new opportunities and challenges – part 2
In the first part of the article we talked about how companies continue to adopt social technologies for internalt use and how they can be used for good as well as manipulation. In the second part of the article we will be looking at how th

[111] So That’s What “Regression Testing” Is!
There seem to be a lot of testers which think that “Regression testing is when we retest everything all over again”. Well, yeah, but why is it called “Regression testing” and not “Retesting everything all over again”?

[102] Working in different time zones
Nowadays a lot of software development teams are globally located which means that project managers have to learn to work with people who live in different countries and cities. Each country tends to have its own work calendars and holidays

[103] Using email in a virtual team
Historically, many virtual teams have relied on e-mail as one of the main channels for asynchronous communication. Although now there is a tendency to transition from e-mail to more high tech tools, it is, nevertheless, still very much used

[80] A short guide for newly appointed managers: The things to watch for
One of the first things I remember when I got my new job as a manager is the constant flow of congratulations, emails, smiley faces, likes, endorsements and even a salary raise together with a slightly bigger office.

[57] Software Development Methods part 2
In the first part of the article regarding the similarities between Sun Tzu’s Art of War and software development we talked about how you should make sure that you show incremental results in order to build team confidence and about focusin

[61] Time Management for IT Projects – 9 common mistakes and how to avoid them
Mistake 1: Life without plans In spite of frequent changes appearing in the IT business anyone who wants to be successful should have a documented To-do list (day, week and month). No matter what system you use – MS Project, Excel or not

[11] Luxoft Training is expanding globally: now trainings are delivered to external clients in the Polish, Romanian, and English languages
In our new Luxoft Training offices in Poland and Romania, we offer you a wide range of courses, comprehensive and advanced knowledge, and opportunity to learn from lead software development professionals.

[14] Luxoft celebrates five years on the Romanian market
București, 29 July 2013 – Luxoft, a leading provider of software development services and innovative IT solutions to a global client base, is celebrating a five year anniversary of successful operation in Romania. Luxoft Romania,

[15] Luxoft Opens 19th Global Office and Appoints Managing Director in Stuttgart, Germany
TORTOLA, British Virgin Islands & MENLO PARK, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Luxoft Holding, Inc (NYSE:LXFT), a leading provider of software development services and innovative IT solutions to a global client base, today announced opening of

[16] IT Stars To Perform At Luxoft Technology Series Webinars
Luxoft Technology Series (LTS) - a unique, interactive project from one of the ITO sector leaders in Central Eastern Europe will be launched on October 30th. LTS is a series of free webinars with the participation of international IT stars,

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