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[SQA-051] Test Automation: BDD Testing with Cucumber
Courses on the fundamentals of Behavior-Driven Development (BDD), Gherkin, and Cucumber blend theoretical concepts with practical exercises. It provides an overview of BDD methodologies, teaches Gherkin syntax for clear test cases, and demo

[SQA-052] REST API Test Automation
This course offers an introduction to automated testing – students will learn in practice how to design and develop automated tests for REST services by using Rest Assured and Retrofit 2 libraries.

[SQA-054] Introduction to Risk Management in Testing
The "Introduction to Risk Management for Testers" course provides a comprehensive overview of risk management principles and practices, adapted to the context of software testing. It covers essential topics such as the risk management lifec

[SQA-055] Testing Estimation in Scrum
This course provides an in-depth exploration of time management within the Scrum framework, tailored for testers. It covers effective time allocation, prioritization of testing activities, and managing deadlines in agile environments. The c

[SQA-033] Introduction to Performance Testing
This theoretical course offers an introduction and in-depth look at Performance Testing, covering essential concepts, test planning, data preparation, and execution strategies. It emphasizes the importance of realistic test scenarios, under

[SQA-050] Test Automation. Selenium WebDriver
Explore the dynamic world of web automation with our WebDriver course, designed to transform beginners into skilled automation testers. Learn how to automate web applications efficiently using Selenium WebDriver, mastering the fundamentals

[SQA-011] Performance testing with Jmeter®
This training teaches the main principles of working with this tool, as well as its capabilities in assessing the performance and load testing of web-applications, DB and services.

[SQA-028] School of testing. Test design
The course covers the basic concepts of test design, methodology of test case development based on UC, approaches to designing test plans and writing test scripts, as well as features of test plans for different types of testing.

[SQA-002] Web Application Testing
This course is dedicated to the specifics of web application testing. It deals with basic concepts and features of web applications, architecture and technologies used in their development, as well as problems that arise during various type

[SQA-024] Defect Management
This course covers issues such as the quality of requirements, causes of defects, defect multiplication effect, defect and risk relation, and the importance of defect classification.

[SQA-047] Test automation using Cucumber
This training is developed to help you become familiar with the gherkin and cucumber frameworks designed for Behavior Driven Development (BDD).

[SQA-037] Introduction to SQL for Testers
This 16 hour course aims to teach participants how to use the SQL programming language to query a database for testing purposes.

[PTRN-024] Patterns and Practices of Effective Domain Modeling Master Class
The workshop goes through the definition of the DDD alphabet soup, compares and contrasts domain models with anemic models and relates a domain model to DTOs, real-world processes, business rules, and concrete technologies for persistence s

[SQA-039] Test automation - advanced
Page Object is the most popular solution for Web test automation because when it is implemented in the framework it helps save time on any changes in the framework, increases test transparency and offers an easy to use API for test suits.

[PTRN-028_ONL] Secure Coding in C and C++
The course concentrates on security issues intrinsic to the C and C++ programming languages and associated libraries. The intent is for this course to be useful to anyone involved in developing secure C and C++ programs regardless of the sp

[SQA-012] Twister Test Automation platform
Twister is an automated testing framework that helps users with building functional, regression and load test suites.

[SQA-013] Performance testing using jMeter: from the start of the project to the final report
This training will help participants understand the full cycle of activities of a test team starting from customer negotiation to discovering their needs and requirements and preparing summary reports and result analysis.

[SQA-027] School of testing. Part 3. Training Project on Testing
The course provides participants with practical skills for testing and documenting the results of this proces.

[SQA-017] Functional Testing Automation with Selenium 2
This is an automation testing training course that helps participants discover Selenium 2 and how to use it. We will have a short introduction of the theory of test automation, practice some simple tests and performs an analysis of typical

[SQA-001] Usability Testing

[SQA-019] Test Automation using TestComplete 9
This is an automation testing training course that provides information about the main functional features of TestComplete 9 and also helps participants understand testing automation basics.

[SQA-023] Testing Basics (for non-testers)
Our training will enable professionals in areas other than testing to discover the most important testing concepts and understand the impact of testing.

[SQA-029] School of testing. Part 5. Test Design Practice
Practical exercises aim at mastering test design skills. We will cover concepts such as requirements analysis, specification, reviews as well as test cases design and test data design practices.

[568] Lupan

[SQA-026] Introduction to Software Testing
This training is a great introduction to software testing. We’ll cover topics such as the definition of testing, necessity of testing, verification & validation, software development lifecycles, testing types and levels, and defects (how to

[549] Okhrimenko

[345] Software Testing Economics. Testing Strategy
The second part of our article on software testing economics. This time we’ll tackle the test strategy.

[91] A little trick when working with ConcurrentDictionary
ConcurentDictionary has one specific feature: in some cases it may not behave exactly as you'd expect. Here is a small example. Let's say we need to do some small caching so that the results of an expensive calculation be taken from the cac

[71] No Need for a Grid
Every enterprise application features some sort of the grid. A grid being is an interactive table that presents a list of data with rows and columns. The most used features of the grid are paging, sorting and filtering. There are a lot of

[72] KPI’s and conflicts of interest
Are there any KPI which affect the personal interests of the manager but can also lead to a win-win situation? The answer is no. Once there are KPI’s that affect the interest of the manager we will surely have a situation where the manager

[35] New course School of testing. Part 1. Introduction
Luxoft Training is pleased to present you a new course “School of testing. Part 1. Introduction”, that will be held in Bucharest on October 08-09.

[37] New course Testing Basics (not for Testers)
Luxoft training center invites to a new course Testing Basics (not for Testers). The course will be held in 2 formats: internal in Bucharest, 10.27.2014 - 10.27.2014 and Online, 11.12.2014 - 11.12.2014, so you can choose the most convenient

[61] Time Management for IT Projects – 9 common mistakes and how to avoid them
Mistake 1: Life without plans In spite of frequent changes appearing in the IT business anyone who wants to be successful should have a documented To-do list (day, week and month). No matter what system you use – MS Project, Excel or not

[22] Test Automation using TestComplete 9 – Krakow, March 20, 2014.
We are happy to announce the course “Test Automation using TestComplete 9” which will take place on March 20, 2014 in Krakow. The course provides information about main functional features of TestComplete 9 and also gives unders

[29] Luxoft Training assists to prepare for the BABOK certification
Luxoft Training has received the status of Endorsed Education Provider (EEP ™) of International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA ®), that confirms the compliance of the training courses, offered by Luxoft Training to the Busin

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