Our Trainers

Barna Ioana

Ioana Barna 

Network Engineer

Ioana is a professional with years of experience in network configuration, support and design and currently works as a Senior Support Engineer for the Luxoft team. For Luxoft Training she delivers our...
Bernat Andreea

Andreea Bernat 

Software Development and Telecommunications Consultant

Andreea currently works as a Software Engineer for one of Luxoft’s key Telecom projects developing software for routing/switching equipment. She has a Bachelor Degree in Computer Science and Engineeri...
Bilica Ionut

Ionut Bilica 

Software Development Consultant

Ionut has been working as a Java Developer since 2006 on projects from a wide area of business, from internet services and telecom applications to finance platforms developing. He is passionate abo...
Bilyk Andrii

Andrii Bilyk 

Java Consultant

Andrii is a Senior Developer with more than 10 years of experience in software development. His expertise is in the banking, financial, retail and sales domains where he has been involved in all manner...
Blicharz Ewelina

Ewelina Blicharz 

Effective Communication and Personal Development specialist

Ewelina has 4 years of experience helping people grow. In Luxoft she works as an HR Partner and she is responsible for the implementation of HR processes like performance appraisals, employee developm...
Blinov Dmitriy

Dmitriy Blinov 

Project management, Agile, System analysis and UML

Dmitriy has been working in the IT&C industry since 2013. During his career he has had several roles such as web developer where he was responsible for studying the subject-matter domain, defining...
Bondarchuk Igor

Igor Bondarchuk 

.Net and C++ Specialist

Igor has more than 8 years of experience in the software development industry. He is currently a Senior .Net Developer for Luxoft but his previous professional experience has included programming and ...
Bratu Mihail

Mihail Bratu 

Databases Specialist

Mihail is currently working for Luxoft as an Oracle Senior Developer using various technologies such as Oracle 11g, PL/SQL and Java. He has been involved for a long time in the area of designing appli...
Bratu Iuliana

Iuliana Bratu 

Software Testing Consultant

Iuliana has more than 10 years of experience in software testing. She began her career as a software test engineer responsible for testing, validating and diagnosing embedded systems for the automotiv...
Breyman Alexander

Alexander Breyman 

Expert in Software Development and Architecture, Oracle

Alexander is a Doctor of Science and associate professor. Since 1991 he has been involved in the development of information and communication systems - during this time he rose from a programming posi...

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