Nikolov Hristo

Trainer Nikolov Hristo
Hristo Nikolov
Consultant on Software Development, Oracle
Hristo has 15 years of experience in the IT field. During this time, he was involved in several projects for different companies in the Automotive, Insurance, Gambling and Finance sectors. At the beginning of his career he was involved in a project related to network monitoring and soon after that he became an editor of the first Bulgarian book for Python.

Over the years he has worked with Microsoft SQL server, MySQL, ORACLE OBIEE, Qlikview, SharePoint, Python, C, and PHP over ITIL and Agile methodologies. Hristo has certificates in ITIL, Cloud Computing, CCNA and is also knowledgeable with regard to Business administration, Business Analysis, Insurance, Oracle 10g development and administration and Business Inteligence.

Hristo has a Master’s Degree in Computer systems and technologies and a Bachelor’s Degree Computer systems and technologies.
Key areas of expertise:
  • Requirements Management
  • Reporting and Business Intelligence
  • Databases
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