Octavian Toader

Software Development Consultant
Octavian is specialized in hardware and software and has been working in the IT industry since 2009. During his career he has worked in the automotive, security and telecom fields. His work has been done in multiple programming or scripting languages languages: C, C#, C++, Perl, Python, Javascript.

In his current role he is responsible for test concept and architecture development (software + hardware) for hardware evaluation of smartcards and cryptocontrollers, smartcard os development (C) used in tests, instrument control and driver development (C++, C#, Labview) and testbench scripting (Javascript, Python) and more.

Octavianís expertise and knowledge makes him uniquely suited to facilitate our Python trainings. In the past he has been involved in mentoring students and various summers schools with a technical agenda.
Key areas of expertise:
  • Electronics
  • Instrument and testing automation
  • Scripting
  • Embedded operating systems
  • Hardware and software testing
  • Linux
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