Usta Rahman

Trainer Usta Rahman
Rahman Usta
Software Development Consultant
Rahman is a programmer, consultant and trainer with a great deal of experience in the software development industry.

During the course of his career he has facilitated a wide range of software trainings and consultancy services related to Java (Java EE, Spring Framework, Java EE Design Patterns) and JavaScript (EcmaScript 6, Node.js, React.js) to various companies and institutions such as: Dominos, Ebay or NCR. In addition Rahman has also authored two books in Enterprise Java and Java 8.

For Luxoft Training, he facilitates our courses on programming in JavaScript, Web Development with React.js, Introduction to Spring and Spring Boot, Java EE 7/8 – Enterprise Application Development, Java 8 and New features, Java 9 , Modularity and New features.

Key areas of expertise:
  • Java (Java 8/9)
  • Java EE (Java EE 7)
  • Spring Framework
  • Spring Boot
  • JavaScript (EcmaScript 5/6)
  • React.js
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