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TypeScript Programming
TypeScript is a strongly typed programming language which is built on top of JavaScript. It includes a typing system to facilitate the validation of JavaScript applications.
12 hours
TypeScript Programming
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12 hours
Schedule and prices
350.00 *
Training for 7-8 or more people? Customize trainings for your specific needs
TypeScript Programming
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12 hours
Schedule and prices
350.00 *
Training for 7-8 or more people? Customize trainings for your specific needs


TypeScript was selected as a main language for the Angular framework, and nowadays it is widely used for React development and for building any enterprise-level Frontend applications.

It gives you the possibility to use the syntax which is closer to languages like Java or C#, and allows you to write more accurate, convenient, and easy to maintain code.
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  • Introduce JavaScript developers to the TypeScript syntax and features
  • Show participants how these features could be effectively used

Target Audience

  • JavaScript developers


  • Prior experience with JavaScript, NPM, WebPack


TypeScript basics
  • TypeScript: Background and foundations
  • Basic types in TypeScript
  • ES2015+ features used in TS
  • ES2015 modules, import and export
  • Type cast
  • Practice (environment setup, Webpack installation and configuration, attaching TypeScript compiler)

Other types in TypeScript
  • Function types
  • Literal types
  • Union types
  • Working with null and undefined, configuring strictNullChecks
  • Interfaces and structural types
  • Optional properties in interfaces
  • Indexable type
  • Classes and interface implementation
  • Extending interfaces
  • Type cast
  • Function types with interfaces
  • Hybrid interfaces
  • Function overloading
  • Practice (writing an object-oriented application, using typing, classes, interfaces, encapsulation, polymorphism)

Integration of TypeScript with JavaScript libraries (from npm and your own)
  • Type declaration
  • Practice: connecting JS code
  • Practice: connecting external JS libraries
  • Practice: connecting and typing your own JS libraries

Classes in depth
  • Private, protected, and public fields
  • Static class fields
  • Static properties
  • Using class as interface
  • Readonly modifier
  • Class expressions
  • Abstract classes

Types in depth
  • Type cast
  • Contextual type
  • Type compatibility
  • Interface merge
  • Intersection types
  • Local type definition
  • Strict literal assignment checking
  • Strict literal types and their merging
  • Discriminators
  • Polymorphic type this
  • Type guards
  • Using typeof for type guards
  • Type narrowing with type guards
  • Type narrowing with instanceof
  • Nullable types

  • Declarative programming with decorators
  • Changing property definitions with decorators
  • Extending classes
  • Meta-programming with decorators
  • Access restriction with decorators
  • Using wrappers for changing function behavior
  • Decorators with parameters
  • Decorator for methods
  • Practice: validation of property with decorators
  • Practice: implementation and configuration of logging with decorators

Generic types
  • Purpose of generic type
  • Working with generic arrays
  • Using constraints with generic types
  • Generic classes
  • Generic interfaces
  • Generic classes with type assertion to any
  • Generic classes with overloaded methods
Schedule and prices
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