Apache ActiveMQ

The purpose of this training is to introduce participants to ActiveMQ, the most popular and powerful open source messaging server.
Code: JVA-058
Duration: 6 hours


The purpose of this training is to introduce participants to ActiveMQ, the most popular and powerful open source messaging server. We’ll start from a crash course in JMS, then we’ll discuss what ActiveMQ is - how to use it, configure it, and monitor it. The course focuses on the most useful consumer features and destination options. Features overviews include theoretical materials as well as graphical representations and practical examples of usage.

In order to help participants consolidate the information, the course contains programming assignments consisting of 5 laboratory exercises.


  • JMS overview
  • Point-to-Point messaging
  • Publisher Subscriber messaging
  • JMS 1.2 vs. JMS 2.0

What is Apache ActiveMQ
  • Introduction
  • Installing and starting ActiveMQ
  • Point to Point Model Example
  • Publisher Subscriber Model Example

ActiveMQ configuration
  • Xml configuration
  • URI syntax + wire formats
  • Types of connectors
  • transport
  • inetwork
  • Message persistence
  • AMQ message store
  • Non-journaled JDBC
  • Journaled JDBC
  • KahaDB
  • Message cursors
  • Master/Slave broker configuration
  • Shared file system Master/Slave
  • JDBC Master/Slave
  • Replicated LevelDB Store
  • Broker security

Consumer options
  • Async dispatch
  • Exclusive consumers
  • Consumer priority
  • Message groups
  • Redelivery policy
  • Retroactive consumer
  • Message selectors
  • Slow consumer strategies
  • Message limit strategies
  • Prefetch and eviction policy

Destination features
  • Virtual destinations
  • Wildcards on destinations
  • Total ordering
  • Mirrored queues

ActiveMQ Monitoring
  • Web console
  • JMX
  • Advisory Messages
  • Visualization plugin


  • How to use, configure, and monitor ActiveMQ
  • Introduce ActiveMQ consumer and destination features, supplying theoretical materials with graphical representations and code examples

Target Audience

  • Developers
  • Programmers


  • Experience in development of Java-applications.

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Recommended Reading:

  • http://activemq.apache.org/
  • Code examples will be provided in the course
  • Programming assignment project, labguide, and project with also be provided

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