Requirements Analysis and Design Definition

The training is designed and developed for business analysts and other experts involved in the process of requirements analysis and design definition.
Code: REQ-055
Duration: 16 hours


The training is designed and developed for business analysts and other experts involved in the process of requirements analysis and design definition. During the course, participants will gain a better understanding of the key aspects of these activities and related techniques based on the BABOK V 3.0 methodology. Participants will also get to practice these new skills through various exercises and case studies.

The training deals with multiple tasks performed by business analysts during the requirements analysis and design definition phase, including the following:

  • Requirements description and modeling
  • Requirements verification and validation
  • Requirements structuring and organization
  • Defining design options that meet business needs
  • Assessing the potential value of each design option
A number of commonly used techniques will be considered in detail, including the conditions of their application, their benefits and weaknesses, as well as the key aspects of this area of expertise. During the training, participants will get hands-on experience with the following techniques:

  • User stories
  • Acceptance criteria
  • Data modeling
  • Brainstorming
  • Mind mapping
The course is based on the materials of the International Institute of Business Analysis ( ľ BABOK« Guide, and dedicated to one of the ┬└┬╬╩ Knowledge Areas ľ Requirements Analysis and Design Definition.

Professional Development Hours (PDH) - 16


Requirements and Designs
  • Definitions
  • Differences between them

Specify and model requirements
  • Ways and rules of requirements description
  • Analyze requirements
  • Requirements attributes
  • Techniques overview
  • Techniques in detail (Data Modeling, User Stories, Acceptance criteria)

Assessment and organize of requirements
  • Verify requirements
  • Validate requirements
  • Define requirements architecture

Assessment and analyze design options
  • Define design options
  • Techniques in detail (Mind Mapping)
  • Analyze potential value and recommend solution

Exploring examples of certification exam questions


  • Study the basic terms and concepts of business analysis according to the BABOK« Guide V 3.0
  • Understand the "Requirements analysis and design definition area of expertise" according to BABOK« Guide V 3.0
  • Acquire the necessary skills for handling requirements specification and modeling, requirements validation and verification as well as analysis and assessment of design options
  • Study a number of requirements analysis techniques
  • Get an insight into the application, benefits and weaknesses of these techniques

Target Audience

System analysts, business analysts, business process specialists, product managers and team leads, who need to understand what goals need to be achieved and which tasks are about to be performed in the requirements analysis phase according to the BABOK« Guide V 3.0.


  • English language (basic knowledge)

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