Requirements Elicitation and Analysis Business Simulation

This is a business simulation where you go through the process of studying a customerís needs and elaborating system requirements. Itís useful for all those who want to work on the skills and activities related to the eliciting and analyzing requirements area of the BABOK Guide.
Code: REQ-031
Duration: 16 hours


Want to work on developing requirements based on the customer's wishes? Or try your hand at improving the way you communicate with stakeholders? Or maybe you want to put the knowledge and skills gained during business analysis trainings into practice? You can do all of this in our business simulation.

During the game, you will have to overcome the classic obstacles that arise when working with a customer in the real world: requests that arenít clear, risks of overblowing the scope of the project, constantly changing requirements, lack of interest in the success of the project and more. And all of this with a rapidly approaching deadline in the background!

You will have to face a completely unfamiliar subject area, quickly understand it and propose a balanced and technically correct solution to the customer. And at the same time build constructive relationships with several stakeholders from the customerís side. You will have to use your communication skills, requirements management expertise and many other tactics, tools and abilities.

Some things will be easier for you, others will prove challenging. But in this environment, mistakes are not as painful as in a real project. On the other hand, you gain experience that will allow you to become an even more effective business analyst.

And one more valuable addition - feedback from colleagues, the customer and the trainer. This is an opportunity to work on improving your approach for future projects, find out what your strengths are and which areas you need to improve.


  • Identify stakeholders
  • Define their actual needs
  • Match the needs and project objectives
  • Elaborate and structure system requirements that meet the needs of stakeholders


  • Discover and practice different approaches for eliciting and analyzing requirements
  • Learn how to understand the concerns of all project stakeholders
  • Improve your communication and analytical skills

Target Audience

The simulation is useful for all those who deal with collecting and analyzing requirements, and want to improve their skills:
  • System Analysts
  • Business Analysts
  • Software Architects
  • Software Developers
  • Project Managers

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