Development of Business Applications on the basis of EJB3 technology

This training introduces participants to the distributed computing performed with the help of Enterprise JavaBeans 3.0 (EJB3) specification.
Code: JVA-009
Duration: 40 hours


This training introduces participants to the distributed computing performed with the help of Enterprise JavaBeans 3.0 (EJB3) specification. During the courses bean types such as Stateful and Stateless Session Beans as well as Message-driven Beans are discussed. A special emphasis is made on persistence entities and JPA technology.

We cover all the major issues related to components deployment, transaction context and EJB security. You will get acquainted with the Java Message Service (JMS) and learn how to develop message service clients. In addition, we also cover the use of application server console for the purpose of deployment and EJB components monitoring. The training is based on Oracle Weblogic server.


Overview of JavaEE5 platform
  • Concept of a platform
  • Container
  • Concept of JavaEE application
  • Overview of basic services
  • Types of JavaEE applications
  • Development roles in JavaEE
  • Basic administration of JavaEE container
  • Concept of deployment

EJB Architecture
  • Scope
  • Types
  • Structure of components
  • EJB invocation
  • Assembly of EJB application
  • Deployment of EJB application

Session EJBs
  • Scope of session EJBs
  • Developing Stateless Session EJBs
  • Developing Stateful Session EJBs
  • Inceptors
  • Registering as a web service

Exceptions in EJB technology
  • Scope
  • System Exceptions
  • Application Exceptions

Environment and resources of EJB application
  • Environment entries
  • Resource References
  • EJB References

Security in EJB technology
  • Basic concepts of Security Service


  • EJB lifecycle and EJB types
  • Structure of EJB components
  • Local and remote business interfaces
  • Basic services within JavaEE platform
  • Basic concepts of JMS technology
  • Develop Session EJBs, Entities and MBD
  • Use Security and Transaction Services in EJB

Target Audience

  • Developers of business components based on EJB3 technology


  • Knowledge of Java5
  • Familiarity with development of web applications on the basis of JavaEE: JSP technology and Servlets
  • Familiarity with JDBC technology and its server extensions
  • Familiarity with key technologies of web services such as SOAP, WSDL

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