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In Luxoft Training, we offer deep and advanced knowledge of best practices of software development, project management, software and system engineering. Luxoft Training has got an extensive and many years’ experience of top Luxoft professionals in a variety of business applications of software engineering.
The effectiveness of training with us is supported by success of Luxoft company that is favored and entrusted with projects by largest international companies such as Boeing, Dell, IBM, UBS, Deutsche Bank, etc.

Course Catalogue

  • Software Development
  • Software Testing
  • Software Administration
  • System and Business Analysis
  • Software Project Management
  • Software Architecture and Design
  • Personal Performance and Communication Skills
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Wide range of training topics

Our catalogue comprises high in-demand trainings over all Software Engineering areas...Learn more 

Real project experience

Our instructors are more than 100 practicing experts and top Luxoft and industry minds working in a variety of software projects... Learn more 

Deep expertise

In our trainings, we try to use deep knowledge of our colleagues to the utmost. Many of our trainings are designed for advanced audience... Learn more 

Flexibility of Tailored Training

Our experts customize training programs for your IT team taking into account all its strengths and weaknesses, required skills, company budget... Learn more 

Nearest trainings

Course Date
WEB-005 Basic Use of XSLT 
Oct 31, 2016 - Nov 3, 2016, Bucharest Sign up
JVA-017 Effective Java 
Nov 2, 2016 - Nov 10, 2016, Bucharest Sign up
SCRIPT-002 Python® Basics 
Nov 9, 2016 - Nov 11, 2016, Bucharest Sign up
FIN-002 Basics of Financial Markets. Foreign Exchange & FX Derivatives 
Nov 10, 2016 - Nov 11, 2016, Bucharest Sign up
Course Date
JVA-030 Java 8 
Nov 3, 2016 - Nov 4, 2016, Krakow Sign up
SQA-002 Web Application Testing 
Nov 21, 2016 - Nov 22, 2016, Krakow Sign up
JVA-010 Spring Framework for Application Development 
Nov 28, 2016 - Nov 30, 2016, Krakow Sign up
SDP-033 Professional Scrum Master - Advanced 
Nov 29, 2016 - Nov 30, 2016, Krakow Sign up
SQA-002 Web Application Testing 
Nov 24, 2016 - Nov 25, 2016, Wroclaw Sign up

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