IT Trainings and consulting services

Luxoft Training is a leading training center in the area of Software Development.

The company was established in 2000. Our training programs are based on cutting-edge IT technologies and expertise of Luxoft company, the largest custom software developer in Eastern Europe with 15 000+ employees and SEI CMM/CMMI Level 5.
Catalogue of trainings
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Our catalogue comprises high in-demand trainings over all Software Engineering areas

  • Software Development (Java, .NET, Web, C, C++, Oracle);
  • System and Business Analysis;
  • Software Architecture and Design;
  • Software Testing;
  • Software Administration;
  • Personal Performance and Communication Skills;
  • Software Project Management.

Why Luxoft Training?

Luxoft Training instructors are 120+ top Luxoft and IT industry experts and working professionals with unique experience in software development projects.
Our Experts
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Open Training

Open Training form enables anyone to attend trainings in a group with already defined date, time and location. 

Our Schedule contains the following types of events:
  • Open classroom trainings/seminars;
  • Webinars, workshops, and master classes;
  • Self-education library, distant and combined training types.

Corporate Training

In addition to Open Training with already defined date, time and location, we offer Corporate Trainings as well. 

Corporate Training is effective when:
  • your team size is 5+ people;
  • you plan to shift to a new technology;
  • you need to "adjust" employees’ knowledge to the required level;
  • your team needs to learn a new subject area quickly and effectively.
Benefits of Corporate Training:
  • We offer tailored corporate training programs to meet your needs.
    By customizing the training, the Instructor focuses on the most relevant topics for your team and skips the areas that you don’t need. As a result, you receive only the relevant information.
  • You choose the duration, schedule and location of training. 
    Unlike trainings from the Open Schedule, Corporate Trainings do not tie you to a specific date and place. Our instructors can deliver the trainings on-site in any city of Poland and Romania.

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