Trainer Bratu Mihail
Mihail Bratu  Databases Specialist
Mihail is currently working for Luxoft as an Oracle Senior Developer using various technologies such as Oracle 11g, PL/SQL and Java. He has been involved for a long time in the area of designing appli...
Trainer Constantin Dan
Dan  Constantin  Frontend Development Specialist
Dan is a passionate frontend developer who loves to work with JavaScript. He is currently working as a Technical Team Leader of a Frontend team for one of our largest projects where he is in charge of...
Trainer Dumitru Catalin
Catalin Dumitru  Support Engineer
Catalin has been working in the networking field for over 5 years in various roles such as software tester or support engineer. He is currently working with protocols from Layer 4-7 in OSI stack, as w...
Trainer Cracana Eduard
Eduard Cracana 
Trainer Hatmode Vishal Vitthal
Vishal Vitthal Hatmode 
Trainer Popa Ioan-Florin
Ioan-Florin Popa 
Trainer Teslenko Victor
Victor Teslenko 
Trainer Barbu Paris-Emanuel
Paris-Emanuel Barbu 
Trainer Toader Octavian
Octavian Toader 
Trainer Chiciuc Chiciuc
Chiciuc Chiciuc 

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