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Can We Use HDFS as Back-up Storage?
Have you ever thought of using something which is highly available for Backup Storage? I recently strted t think but hw I uld imleme...
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How to do Indexing in MongoDB with Elastic Search? Part 2
The second part of our article on indexing in MongoDB with Elastic Search. This time we will look at Elastic Search.
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How to do Indexing in MongoDB with Elastic Search? Part 1
Nwdys its very mmn t hve serh feture in ny website r . This usully hens with ltfrms tht hve lts f infrmtin ...
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How to store data on browser using NoSQL IndexedDB?
IndexedDB is lrge-sle, NSQL strge system. It lets yu stre just but nything in the users brwser. In dditin t the usul ser...
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How to Apply MBTI in HR: Motivation for every day. Groups of People & their Motivations
So, we learned to determine the parameters from which four motivation groups are formed: ES, EN, IS and IN. Lets look now at the individual...
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