Spring Framework 5 for Application Development

Spring Framework 5 for Application Development

In this training you’ll learn how to use the core features of the Spring Framework, create production ready applications and discover how to use Spring in your projects.

30 hours
Course type
30 hours
Training for 7-8 or more people? Customize trainings for your specific needs
Spring Framework 5 for Application Development
30 hours
€ 750 *
Training for 7-8 or more people? Customize trainings for your specific needs


Spring is a lightweight, open source framework first released in 2003. Now Spring is a popular open source project, that covers various aspects of both JavaEE and JavaSE development. The Spring Framework is best known as a source extension (features), necessary for the efficient development of complex business applications outside software heavyweight models.

The Spring Framework can be viewed as a collection of smaller frameworks, most of which can operate independently of each other. However, they provide more functionality when used jointly. Abstract classes, factories and beans are designed so that the programmer can concentrate on writing business logic only.

This course will give participants information related to how the Spring Framework works. They will learn about the basic modules of the framework and options for their use as well as how to use the Spring framework in conjunction with other technologies.

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  • Introduce participants to the possibilities offered by the Spring Framework and its practical application in solving typical problems that arise during development with Spring.
  • Provide participants with an overview of the range of products developed under the Spring license (not included in the Spring Framework).

Target Audience

Java developers with at least two years of experience.


  • Experience with Java SE development
  • Maven
  • Desirable: JDBC and Design patterns knowledge (Proxy, Command, Decorator, Template Method, MVC)


Spring IOC

  • Spring Framework overview
  • History
  • IoC concept
  • Application Context interface
  • Spring beans
  • Spring configuration
  • XML configuration
  • Annotation based configuration
  • Java based configuration
  • Beans scope
  • Bean lifecycle
  • Event bus
  • Event publication
  • Event subscription with @EventListener
  • Filtering events with @EventListener
  • Event bus use cases
  • Localization
  • Configuration profiles
  • Spring Expression Language

Spring BOOT

  • What is Spring Boot?
  • Spring Boot root POM spring-boot-starter-parent
  • Auto-configuration
  • @SpringBootApplication
  • @ComponentScan
  • @Configuration
  • @EnableAutoConfiguration
  • Ways of Configuration
  • Accessing Command Line Properties
  • Application Property Files
  • Profile-specific Properties
  • Placeholders in Properties
  • YAML Instead of Properties
  • Type-safe Configuration Properties
  • Enabling @ConfigurationProperties-annotated types
  • Using @ConfigurationProperties-annotated types
  • Third-party Configuration
  • Merging Complex Types
  • @ConfigurationProperties Validation
  • @ConfigurationProperties vs. @Value
  • Profiles

Spring AOP

  • AOP use cases
  • Types of advice
  • Pointcut language
  • Aspects chaining

Spring DATA

  • CrudRepository
  • JpaRepository
  • @EnableJpaRepositories
  • @EnableTransactionManagement
  • @Transactional annotation
  • Timeout
  • Readonly flag
  • Defining Query methods
  • Query Lookup Strategies
  • Query Creation
  • Property Expressions
  • Special parameter handling
  • Limiting Query Results
  • Repository Methods Returning Collections or Iterables
  • Null Handling of Repository Methods
  • Streaming query results
  • Async query results
  • Using @Query
  • Native queries
  • Using sort
  • Using named parameters
  • Using SpEL expressions
  • Modifying Queries
  • Applying Query Hints
  • Projections
  • Stored Procedures
  • Query by Example
  • @Transactional query methods
  • Locking

Spring REST

  • REST services
  • Request and Response payloads
  • Request parameters
  • Path Parameters
  • HTTP headers
  • Constraints
  • Spring HATEOAS
  • Documenting REST service with Swagger


  • Representing Spring Data repository as REST service
  • Paging and sorting
  • HAL browser
  • Customizing Spring Data REST
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