Join us to the webinar "Facilitating conversations and decision-making"

Join us to the webinar "Facilitating conversations and decision-making"

During this webinar we will discover how to make the right decisions and give feedback.
Date: July, 3 Time: 2 p.m. – 3 p.m. (time zone Moscow) 
Language:  English 
Instructor:  Mukhina Sviatlana 
Place: online 
During this webinar we will explore the following topics:
  • Walt Disney model for creative thinking and effective conversations;
  • Think out of the box, apply your dreams onto practice and mitigate risks;
  • Cartesian Coordinates technique for decision-making;
  • Explore the idea from various sides to achieve better results;
  • Pro-Con analysis of the situation;
  • What are the benefits and disadvantages?
  • COIN and STAR feedback models;
  • How to give feedback that people listen to it?
  • Gradients of consensus;
  • There are different Yes’s and various No’s.
  • Course targets:

    Those who participated in the webinar will get attendance code from Luxoft Agile Practice that covers 2 learning objectives:

    1. Facilitating collaborative conversations - It’s common for conversations to be mediocre, improving conversation quality leads to better understanding, fuller collaboration and remarkable results.

    2. Facilitating team decision-making - Being able to come to decisions is a critical function for a team, frequently problematic, and essential for moving teams to action.

    Target audience:

     Scrum-Masters, Managers, Business Analysts, Product Owners, and everybody who conducts and facilitates team meetings and group events.

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