Balosin Ionut

Trainer Balosin Ionut
Ionut Balosin
Software Architect
Ionut is a Software Architect and has been working in the IT field since 2006. He has experience in a wide variety of business applications and his areas of interest include Software Architecture and Performance & Tuning topics.

During his career Ionut has developed a unique set of skills in various IT disciplines such as software engineering, technical leading, software architecture and customer communication.

He has a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Computer Science. He is a certified Java Programming Professional, Java EE Enterprise Architecture and Scrum Master.
Key areas of expertise:
  • Java SE / EE, C
  • JavaScript, Bash, Sed, Awk, Ant, Maven
  • SQL, Oracle PL/SQL
  • JDBC, Hibernate, Open JPA, DataNucleus
  • Integration Frameworks
  • Web Technologies
  • Web Services
  • Scrum, Test Driven Development, Behavior-Driven Development
  • Design Patterns, Enterprise Integration Patterns, Programming Paradigms, Algorithms
  • Windows, Linux/UNIX
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