Cumpanasu Malin

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Malin Cumpanasu
Software Development Consultant
Malin has extensive experience as a full stack developer (Java/Python/Angular) & AI and has strong domain knowledge in finance (payments/trading).

He is currently working on building a product to help stock and crypto traders choose their trades and balance their portfolio. The product uses cutting edge technology from Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms to advance statistical analysis. The technologies he works with are Python, AI/ML, Tensorflow, Keras, CNTK, pandas, Flask, Java 8, Spring Boot, Angular, Ionic Framework, Cordova, GoogleCloud, AWS and Linux.

In the past Malin has worked as a Software Developer and some of his projects included:

  • ERP solution Dentsu Aegis Network - C# MVC, Angular 1/ 2, SQL Server, Azure, Visual Studio
  • Fraud Detection POC - Python, Tensorflow, scikit, keras, pandas, Java, Spring Boot
  • POS Testing Robot - Raspberry PI, Arduino, C++, Java, Angular, Robot Framework
  • Biometric Payments - Nets/Hitachi, sensors, deep learning, Python, Java 8, Tensorflow, CNN, LSTM, fingerprint sensors, computer vision, face recognition
  • Blockchain Asset Management - Nets, Ethereum, Hyperledger, solidity, truffle, web3js
Key areas of expertise:
  • Java
  • Python (Django/Flask/AI)
  • Angular
  • Ionic 3/4
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Git
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