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Denis Krep
Oracle Database Consultant
During his professional career Denis has had many roles such as developer, architect and group/project manager in a number of programs: from government-run projects for the Ukraine Ministry of Emergency, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Transport and Research Institute of System Technologies to large international projects in industrial automation, banking and others. He has taken part in more than 20 successfully completed projects. In Luxoft he is a Group manager / Delivery manager in a large project for Deutsche Bank. 

Has successful experience in the following areas:
  • More than 12 years in DB development (RDBMS, OODBMS)
  • More than 12 years in software development
  • Data warehouses, Business Intelligence, ETL
  • International projects (Europe, USA)
  • More than 6 years in management (TeamLead/PM)
  • Network technologies (multitier architecture, networking protocols)

Has extensive experience in research and teaching:
  • Data and software protection
  • Gathering and analyzing information from external systems
  • Object-oriented database management systems
  • Communication protocols
Key areas of expertise:
  • Software Development
  • Databases (specifically Oracle)
  • ETL
  • Business intelligence
  • Multitier architecture
  • Networking protocol
  • Data and software protection
  • Integration with another systems
Areas of Specialization:
  • Databases: Oracle, DWH, Architecture
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