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Trainer Mykhaylenko Yuriy
Yuriy Mykhaylenko
Project and People Management Specialist
Yuriy`s professional life is quite versatile, full of cross industries and cross-functional engagements with significant international exposure. Industry wise, his experience spans various areas such as B2B/B2C commerce, logistics, information technologies, professional services in management consulting and post-graduate education and training.

Yuriy occupied managerial and executive positions in areas such as marketing, sales, quality assurance, general management and business development. He has also been involved in project management roles in Ukraine, the USA and the Netherlands in adition to running a number of start-ups with international partners (USA, Netherlands). Some of these start-ups had over 100 people employed, an aspect that taught him the most important aspects of people management from both a line management perspective as well as a HRM/D (“human capital”) point of view.

In Luxoft, Yuriy has been running projects mostly in the areas of Web and mobile applications development. Among them 15+ iOS and Android applications for Perform Group for Customers from UK, Japan, Australia as well as for Customers from the USA.

The projects included:

  • Agile (SCRUM) methodologies - with geographically distributed teams
  • JS, PhP, Java, Android, Objective C, .NET
Yuriy has been involved in educational and training activities since 2000. These activities included teaching in graduate and post graduate programs, including MBA, in the Ukraine and the USA.
Key areas of expertise:
  • Change management
  • Leadership\teams
  • Basics of HRM\HRD,
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Strategic management
  • Marketing management
  • Ethics and business
  • Personal growth (DISC)
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