Luxoft Training is recertified as an IIBA Endorsed Education Provider

Luxoft Training is recertified as an IIBA Endorsed Education Provider

Good news for all those who are planning to start a career in business analysis or improve their business analysis skills. Luxoft Training has renewed its status as an Endorsed Education Provider for 2021.
Offered by the International Institute of Business Analysis, this qualification certifies that the business analysis trainings we offer follow the content and information outlined in the BABOK Guide (The Business Analysis Body of Knowledge). 

Another benefit is that all those who take part in our courses receive Personal Development hours equal to the number of training hours. These are very useful if you are looking to get any of the IIBA certifications such as ECBA, CBAP or CCBA – one of the eligibility criteria for these is having a certain number of PD hours.

Our business analysis training portfolio was developed for beginners as well as those who have experience working in the industry. We have our Introduction to Business Analysis and ECBA solutions for those who are just starting out and more advanced courses such as Requirements Life Cycle Management or Solutions Evaluation for business analysts who already have expertise in the field. 

In addition, we’ve also developed a business analysis simulation with a focus on practice. In it, you will have to overcome the classic obstacles that arise when working with a customer in the real world: requests that aren’t clear, risks of overblowing the scope of the project, constantly changing requirements, lack of interest in the success of the project and more. And all of this with a rapidly approaching deadline in the background! 

You can get a full overview or our courses at this link.

For those working in Russia or the Ukraine you can check out our course portfolio here


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